Irene Wood



I try to work with the essence of any given material. At the moment I am working with porcelain wheel thrown pots, which I then turn to get a balance between inside and outside and the correct weight.

All pots must rhyme like a poem and then get dressed in the correct coat – the glaze; I try to whisper not shout and never overstate. I am using home mixed glazes which I spray or dip depending on the thickness required. After the glaze firing, the crackle pots are stained with permanent Chinese or Indian inks whilst still warm from the kiln.
I also produce African inspired forms and enjoy the contrast of scale and texture that grogged stoneware offers. The pots are hand built using coils and decorated with dark or metallic glazes.
The purity of form and balance of shape, colour, and weight are my determining factors.
I also draw and paint in various media favoring animals, landscapes and seascapes.