Twelve original Gwynngala Artists and Makers formed the group in 1996. Living mostly in North Cornwall around Launceston, isolated by miles of countryside and moor, they felt they needed interaction with other artists, and could benefit by having group shows. This they did, with great success, and for many years ran “The Southgate Arch” as a gallery. The Arch pierces the old city wall spanning Southgate Street in Launceston, and is an ancient monument of great beauty and importance.

The group now comprises around twenty two members. Dynamic and fluid, with some change in membership every year, yet retaining the diversity of styles and work, Gwynngala has gone from strength to strength. Work presented to the public includes the excitingly experimental, alongside the more traditional contemporary.

Gwynngala is the Cornish word for September, the month of the group’s first ever exhibition in 1996.