Nicky May


Autumn Trees               Dunsland Autumn                 Harbour                            Widemouth

My first career was in the voluntary sector, including VSO in Papua New Guinea and with Oxfam in Kenya. I turned seriously to painting in 1994, taking courses in painting and drawing through the Open College of the Arts, and with Norman Rechter, a renowned European watercolourist. I also studied studio ceramics and worked as a potter for 8 years, though I am not currently making.

I paint mostly landscapes and will often work on a series of sketches and studies to help me work out what it is that I have seen that has excited my attention, and how far towards the subjective or abstract I can push it. I do it for the colours, shapes, and textures of paint I am laying down – whether they work, whether they feel right, and if when put together they “sing”.

I have shown work in galleries and exhibitions throughout the South West and in Oxford and London, and my work is held in private collections in Europe and Australia as well as the UK. I am also delighted that my work is now more widely available though greetings cards published by Love from the Artist.  (greetings cards)